Benefits to Becoming a member of the Michigan Watercolor Society

The MWCS boasts a membership of artists with very diverse styles and subject matter as well as art lovers and supporters. Join MWCS and enjoy excellent water media art, artists, friendship, collaboration, and education!  Being a member of the MWCS entitles you to:

  • A copy of the MWCS Newsletter
  • The online seminar “Art Talk”
  • Discounts on MWCS Workshops
  • Discounts on the Annual Exhibition Entry fee
  • Bi-annual meetings with painting demonstrations
  • Networking with fellow artists and galleries around the state of Michigan. 
    As a member of the MWCS, we are proud to showcase members’ artwork through links on our new website and through the MWCS Social Media platforms.  Each member has a profile page and will be able to manage their own links to their website, please contact webmaster for further information.

Membership in the MWCS is open to all Michigan Residents (past or present).  Dues are paid annually by December 31st of each calendar year.  Membership rates are as follows:  Adult Rate(Annually) $30.00 and Students Rate: $15.00.  The benefits of being a member of the MWCS far exceed the minimal membership costs.

Please consider supporting the Michigan Watercolor Society be becoming a member and helping complete our goal of future education in the arts community.  Go to for information and a membership form.

Membership Levels

In the Fall of 2019, the Board of the Michigan Watercolor Society unanimously voted to establish a Signature Membership and Great Lakes Fellow Award to celebrate and honor our members who have reached certain milestones in their artistic participation with MWCS.  The board has also established  a Lifetime Achievement Award, to honor those who have made significant contributions to the mission and goals of the Michigan Watercolor Society – promote a stronger awareness and interest in water media; maintain high standards of; and further education in the contemporary arts.  Our first Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Marilynn Derwenskus during the 75th Annual Michigan Watercolor Society Exhibition in Detroit Michigan in 2022.

How to become a Signature Member within the Michigan Watercolor Society:  To become a Signature Member and earn the right to sign “MWCS” after one’s signature, a member must be in good standing with paid membership and have been juried into at least four (4) of the previous ten (10) annual exhibitions.

How to become a Great Lakes Fellows within the Michigan Watercolor Society:  To become a Great Lakes Fellow, a member must be in good standing, be a Signature Member, and have completed at least one 3-year volunteer term on the board of the Michigan Watercolor Society.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Carol LaChiusa

The MWCS Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Carol LaChiusa. Carol earned her education at the Cleveland Institute of Art, Nantucket School of Art, and Universidad de Mexico. Her professional experience includes columnist for Grosse Pointe News, juror and lecturer, instructor at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial, The Art Center, the Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center, as well as numerous workshops and a Watercolor Workshop through War Memorial Television. Carol’s work has been featured in numerous publications and has been exhibited extensively throughout Michigan, nationally, and abroad.

Carol LaChiusa is Founder of The Grosse Pointe Arts Council, has served as President of The Detroit Society of Women Painters and Sculptors, The Grosse Pointe Arts Council, The Grosse Pointe Artist Association and has served on the board of numerous art organizations including Michigan Water ColorSociety where she received Signature Membership and Great Lakes Fellow status in 2020.

The Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes artistic achievement in water-based media over many years especially honoring contributions that align with the goals of Michigan Water Color Society to promote a stronger interest and awareness in watercolor, to maintain high standards, and to further education in the contemporary arts.

Congratulations, Carol LaChiusa, and thank you for your lifetime of outstanding achievements andcontributions to the world of watercolor art!

MWCS Signature Members and Great Lake Fellows

In the Fall of 2019, the Board of the Michigan Water Color Society unanimously voted to establish a Signature Membership and Great Lakes Fellow Award to celebrate and honor our members who have reached certain milestones in their artistic participation with MWCS. The board is also in process of establishing a Lifetime Achievement Award, to honor those who have made significant contributions to the mission and goals of the Michigan Water Color Society – promote a stronger awareness and interest in water media; maintain high standards; and further education in the contemporary arts. More to come on the Lifetime Achievement Award!

To become a Signature Member and earn the right to sign “MWCS” after one’s signature, a member must be in good standing with paid membership and have been juried into at least four (4) of the previous ten (10) annual exhibitions.  To become a Great Lakes Fellow, a member must be in good standing, be a Signature Member, and have completed at least one 3-year volunteer term on the board of the Michigan Water Color Society.  Because we are honoring all members who have achieved these milestones over the last ten years, our inaugural group is much larger than our going-forward annual groups will be.  Signature Members and Great Lakes Fellows will be indicated as such on the MWCS website. We will be honoring these members at our annual Fall Membership Meeting.  We are pleased to announce the following members have achieved Signature Member Status. Those who have also become Great Lakes Fellows are marked with ** after their name; Lifetime Achievement Award with † after their name.

Lifetime Achievement Award Winners
Marilynn Derwenskus – 2022 – 75th Annual Show
Carol LaChiusa – 2023 – 76th Annual Show

Janet Alford 2023
Linda Allen 2023
Edward Baranski**
Prudence Barber
Mark Bonnette
Beverly Booth
Jerry Bowman
Janice Brown
Kay Cassill
Diane Chencharick**
Pamela Day 2023
Marilynn Derwenskus**†
Frank Dulin
Janice Dumas
Sy Ellens
Cindy Evans
Carolyn Evart**
Jan Filarski**
Daria Fileta
Robert Fionda
Patricia Flynn
Ruth Forman**
Sherry Adams Foster

Alice Frank
Lora Garcelon
David J. Giordan
Cheryl Gould
Joyce Grace
Katherine Harra**
Shirley Kruise Hathaway
Janine Helton 2023
Laura Whitesides Host**
Robert Hubbach
Jon Hunter
Michael Ingle
Georgie Jagner 2023
Diann Benoit Jameyfield
James Johnson
Sam Knecht
Susan Kwolek
Carol LaChiusa**†
Debra LaRocque
Rosemary Lee 2023
Ann Loveland**
Joyce Anne Manke**
Catherine McClung

Belinda McGuire** 2023
Sandy Meyer
Jeanne O’Leary
Rocco Pisto **
Nancy Raitt 2023
Jennifer Robertson
Stacie Rose
Susan Semenick
Julie Strabel
Vianna Szabo
Ron Teachworth
Donna Thibodeau
Marilynn Thomas**
Christine Unwin**
Theodore Vassar
Kent Wiejczka**
Pamela Wilburn
Denise Willing-Booher**
Nobuko Yamasaki** 2023
Cynthia Yates 2023
Judith Zailo**
Lori Zurvalec**

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