MWCS Board Members

Tracy Lyons

Rocco Pisto
Emeritus President

Vicky Pisto

Barbara Baker

Richard Goff
Membership Chair

Stacie Rose
Awards/Fundraising Chair

Juli Smith
Newsletter Chair

Belinda McGuire

Lori Eslick
Social Media Chair

Katherine Harra
Recording Secretary

David Giordan
Graphics Chair

Tina Hotchkiss
Co-Exhibition Chairs

Jill McGinn
Co-Exhibition Chairs

Cindy Rashid
Social Chair

Robin Maxon
Corresponding Secretary Chairs

Benefits to Becoming a Board Member

  • Developing leaderships skills
  • Developing communication skills in person, outside of being online.
  • Developing your marketing skills in learning how market your own artwork
  • Developing organizational skills because being a board member requires you to work as a team.
  • Exposure to the world of art at large through working with various art galleries, museums, and companies throughout the state of Michigan.
  • Skills obtained being a Board Member of the MWCS are directly transferable to outside careers especially younger college age and above members.

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